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Nebraska, Iowa Only 2 Big Ten Teams That Want College Football Season

Nebraska, Iowa Only 2 Big Ten Teams That Want College Football Season

Nebraska, Iowa Only 2 Big Ten Teams That Want College Football Season

Nebraska and Iowa are the only two Big Ten teams that want a college football season to take place in 2020.

Over the weekend, word emerged that the majority of the Big Ten was anywhere from lukewarm to cold on the prospect of college sports taking place in the Fall.

If the conference ultimately opted out of participating in athletics, it would have massive ramifications for the ACC, Big 12, SEC and Pac-12 – as well as the smaller conferences.

On Monday morning, Dan Patrick reported that an internal vote had been held recently among Big Ten officials regarding the future of next season. Of the 14 total voters, only two expressed a desire to carry on with next season – Nebraska and Iowa.

Nebraska, Iowa Are Not Only Parties That Want To Play

While the Huskers and Hawkeyes may be the only two schools to go on record as wanting to play next season, they are not the only voices calling for a 2020-21 college football campaign.

Over the weekend, many college football players and their parents demanded that the season go on as planned.

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields was among the leading Big Ten voices calling for a season.

Fields was not alone, though.

“We know that our sons want to play this fall and have full confidence that the university, coaching staff along with medical experts have found a safe way for football to occur,” read a statement released by Maurice Goodson, father of Iowa starting running back Tyler Goodson, on behalf of parents.

“We believe that college athletes represent some of the healthiest individuals. While we recognize and understand that the risk can never be completely eliminated, we believe that the risk is minimal and that our boys can have a safe and responsible college football season. We also believe that the practices should be the norm for all players participating in fall sports and beyond.”

Bill Moos, the athletic director of Nebraska, also called for the season to go on as planned in a letter to season ticket holders.

“Nebraska Athletics is working closely with campus leadership, and local government and health officials to determine the recommended Memorial Stadium capacity based on health and safety guidelines,” he said. “Capacity recommendations will be provided to Athletics later this month and reviewed throughout the season.

“Physical distancing to achieve recommended capacity in the seating areas may require a reduction in season ticket quantities to accommodate as many accounts as possible.”

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Not Everyone Is On Board With Playing Football

On Monday, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum revealed that there was a serious disconnect as it pertained to the future of college football in 2020-21.

“There is plenty of pushback,” he said.

“I talked to an SEC source yesterday, who said ‘we’re still planning on playing. We have our schedule release coming up in a couple of days.’ Remember, Friday night, the SEC released the two additional conference games.

“It just shows the incredible disconnect that we’ve talked about for three months that has now mushroomed … As someone else told me this morning, the college football season is not dead. It’s only on life support right now.”

Finebaum is not alone in his assessment.

Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports also believes that college football is on the “cusp” of cancellation.

The next few days will be very telling. If college football can truly be saved, then it will need to happen almost immediately. However, if progress is not made, there is a very good chance that Fall will begin with no collegiate athletics of any variety.

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