NBA Legend Paul Pierce’s Provocative Videos Go Viral

NBA Legend Paul Pierce’s Provocative Videos Go Viral

NBA legend Paul Pierce is no stranger to posting provocative content on social media. It is the main reason his time as an analyst for ESPN came to a screeching halt, and a big part of his post-playing persona.

That said, the Boston Celtics great took things to a new level this week.

In a series of videos posted with his new lady, Sophia Elizabeth, Pierce could be seen really enjoying himself.

The clips speak for themselves:

That’s certainly something.

Pierce’s reaction to parting ways with ESPN over his previous racy videos spoke for itself. In that spirit, the fact that this has happened again is unsurprising.

You’d just think that by this point someone would help Pierce understand that Instagram posts can be set to more private settings as well.

Last time Pierce’s stripper videos went viral, a number of NBA players came out and reacted. Time will tell if the same happens here.

In any case, though – Pierce seems to be having fun in life. He is always unabashedly himself, so this sort of behavior probably should be expected.

Whether he is divulging details on the one player who scared him to death while he was still in the NBA, mocking LeBron James or talking about his biggest Celtics-related regret – Pierce always keeps it real. And it’s not just negative stuff. Just this week, he heaped massive praise on Jayson Tatum.

“Jayson Tatum is playing at an MVP level,” Pierce said. “The Celtics are playing their best basketball right now. If they continue to play like this I can see them in the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly the Finals.”

This most recent escapade is just another example of Pierce always doing and saying whatever he wants. Par for the course.

What will Pierce ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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