Paul Pierce’s Biggest Boston Celtics Regret

Paul Pierce’s Biggest Boston Celtics Regret

Paul Pierce is being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday evening.

Before the big event, Pierce took a moment to reflect on his 15-year stint with the Boston Celtics. Namely, his biggest regret.

After more than a decade with the organization, Pierce won his first ever career title in 2007-08.

It was unquestionably the most notable achievement of his career – but also in a way the source of his biggest disappointment.

“The only regret I have is not winning that second one,” he said, via NBC Sports. “That’s it.”

Pierce also noted that he believes that his lone ring, although it came thanks to the team-up between him, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, was not like the super team-charged championships players are winning today.

“It’s different now. Players move around a lot. They manufacture their teams. The way we did it was a little different,” Pierce said. “People will say I played on the new era super team, but it’s like, we had to get lucky. We got lucky with the draft pick, we got lucky with the trade, we got lucky with Kevin Garnett dropping his no-trade clause.

“So all these things had to line up, whereas today guys manufacture playing with each other, building super teams through free agency, building friendships. And I have nothing against that. That’s why I take so much pride in being with the team I was with so long, going through the tough times and finally being able to win a championship.”

Pierce is an interesting fellow. Between his weird departure from ESPN and some of his odd behavior both past and present, it’s safe to say he’s very unique. That said, when he gets introspective, like he has regarding Kobe Bryant and the 1 player who “scared him to death,” he’s one of the NBA’s most interesting personalities.

Hopefully over the next few years Pierce can finally settle down, come into his own, and eventually get the adoration he obviously so desperately wants from hoops fans everywhere.

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