Kevin Durant Settles MJ vs LeBron James Debate Once And For All

Kevin Durant Settles MJ vs LeBron James Debate Once And For All

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest NBA players to ever play the game. Because the Brooklyn Nets star is in such rarified air as far as talent level goes, he is also uniquely positioned to offer an opinion on other all-time greats.

One of the biggest ongoing debates in the NBA right now is who is the true GOAT between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Each man has his own set of supporters and detractors, constantly arguing for their claims to the title.

During last Wednesday’s podcast of The ETCs with Kevin Durant, the Nets star settled the Jordan vs James debate once and for all.

“MJ would never play against LeBron in a game,” Durant said.

“Why the hell are we always comparing these guys like they’re gonna play against each other?” Durant continued.

“… When you look at what they’ve done separate of, like, the comparisons, it’s some unbelievable shit from both of them. And that transcends the game of basketball, you know. I’ve heard people say ‘You’re the LeBron of this,’ so, you know, he’s in that realm, too.”

It’s hard to argue with Durant’s larger point, though it’s unlikely to sway many hearts and minds. So many people enjoy weighing in on the topic that it’s difficult to see a scenario where that changes.

Dwyane Wade has offered his take on the matterAllen Iverson has tooSame with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Heck, even former President Donald Trump has done it.

While Durant is probably right in the grand scheme of things, folks love this conversation too much.

For better or worse, it’s not going away any time soon.

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