Floyd Mayweather’s LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Pick

Floyd Mayweather’s LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Pick

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is widely regarded as one of the best boxers in the sport’s history. Because he is so good, he frequently gets brought up in the discussion of who the greatest of all time is.

This past week, Mayweather was a guest on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast.

A number of topics were discussed, but the most interesting one was who Mayweather viewed as the greatest basketball player of all time.

“I love LeBron,” he said.

“But one thing about Michael Jordan, he is going to come out there every night to kill you. Every night. LeBron feels like he playing nonchalant sometimes. LeBron James, I am going to choose, if they played against each other, LeBron James is too big and strong and too fast.

“But if I had to choose one, I’d go with Michael Jordan. I gotta go with somebody that will give it their all every night.”

For Mayweather, it is all about mental toughness. And as far as he is concerned, no one is tougher mentally than Jordan.

“When the clock is ticking, LeBron gotta pass it and MJ gotta shoot it,” he said.

“LeBron James is selling shoes not because he’s passing the ball, but because he’s supposed to go for the kill.”

Interestingly enough, up until this season, it genuinely felt like there was zero chance James would be able to catch up to Jordan’s six championship rings. However, given the relative ease with which he and the Los Angeles Lakers are seemingly going to win this year’s title, that is no longer a certainty.

In Friday night’s NBA Finals Game 2 between the Lakers and Miami Heat, James recorded 33 points, nine rebounds and nine assists. Through the first two games of the series he is averaging 29 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists.

He may be 35 years old, but James doesn’t play like an old man. He still has two high-level years left for sure, and given how he takes care of his body, it remains to be seen how steep his inevitable drop off will even be.

As for Mayweather, he recently revealed that he wasn’t entirely opposed to coming back to fighting. In fact, he would be willing to square off against the best the UFC has to offer. He just wants to be paid accordingly.

“Your health is your wealth,” Mayweather said. “So as far as me going out there and competing against a guy like Conor McGregor, or a guy that’s really inexperienced. Absolutely [I’d fight Khabib Nurmagomedov]. Those are $300 million fights.

“You have to make it make sense. Real sense. Certain type of dollars. I need to have my faculties also. I had my time. I had my era. It’s these young fighters’ era now. It’s OK for me to go fight a Khabib or a Conor — with those two fights alone, I could pick up $600 million. That don’t hurt to fight guys that just entertain. It’s all entertainment.”

Will Mayweather ultimately make his combat sports return at some point in the next year? Time will tell.

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