Montrezl Harrell Goes Off On Wizards Amid Struggles (Photos)

Montrezl Harrell Goes Off On Wizards Amid Struggles (Photos)

Washington Wizards big man Montrezl Harrell is not happy. After starting the season off strong, his squad has come back down to earth in a big way and now finds itself sitting 11th in the Eastern Conference.

Harrell, specifically, started this year off in record-breaking fashion. Since then, however – he has reverted back to the mean.

Worse yet, his attitude has seemingly grown worse by the day.

This week, he spoke out once again in extremely blunt fashion about the struggles the Wizards experiencing.

“It sucks, bro,” he said.

“That’s the mood of the team. It fucking sucks. Coming in here and teams are basically beating our ass from start to finish.”

Harrell is a deeply talented player, but he is also an emotional basket case. He is always beefing with someone. Sometimes it’s an opponent like Joel Embiid. Sometimes it’s a former teammate like Dennis Schroder. Nobody is safe.

Everyone associated with Harrell feels his wrath at one point or another. The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten called out. The Wizards have gotten called out. Nobody is immune from Harrell’s wrath.

There is a reason why Harrell was one of the few Lakers players not invited to Anthony Davis’ wedding. He can be a prickly character.

Will the relationship between Harrell and the Wizards ultimately improve at some point in the near future? It may. But honestly, based on his prior history – it probably will not.

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