Mickstape, Trill Withers Leaving Barstool Sports?

Mickstape, Trill Withers Leaving Barstool Sports?

Mickstape, Trill Withers Leaving Barstool Sports?

A Barstool Sports podcast called Mickstape missed another episode this past week.

The show’s two hosts are Tyler Trill Withers and Coley Mick, and both men found themselves embroiled in Barstool’s latest racial brouhaha last week.

Tyler is one of the most notable figures on Black Twitter, and he found himself in an odd position when old footage of Dave Portnoy saying problematic things surfaced.

In one video Portnoy, Kevin ‘KFC’ Clancy and Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz can be heard mocking Colin Kaepernick. In another, Portnoy was singing along with a Ja Rule song and could be heard uttering the n-word.

Tyler made his displeasure with both clips known last week, but has been largely silent since then. That coupled with the criticism he has received on Twitter over his association with Barstool and the most recent missed podcast has led many to wonder about his future with the popular sports media brand.

At this point, Tyler’s platform is likely big enough to survive somewhere besides Barstool. That said, he is unlikely to get the sort of editorial freedom to do the things that interest him in other places.

With one Barstool personality already having left over the company’s racial issues this past weekend, it will be interesting to see if Tyler chooses to do the same.

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