Michelle Beadle Exposes CM Punk’s Weird Dynamic With AJ Lee

Michelle Beadle Exposes CM Punk’s Weird Dynamic With AJ Lee

Michelle Beadle is one of the most popular personalities in sports media. Thanks to stints at ESPN, NBC and a host of other places, she has built up a lot of impactful relationships.

As a result, Beadle always has some fun stories to tell. Who could forget the time she exposed LeBron James for trying to get her fired?

This week, Beadle was back at it again – this time revealing the weird dynamic that exists between WWE star CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee.

Beadle made the revelation during an ‘Over The Top’ podcast episode.


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“It was at one of their events. Triple H was taking me around,” she said.

“As I’m walking through I’m like ‘Hey, F-face,’ which is my term of endearment for anyone that I love and think is a friend. Well, [CM Punk’s] then girlfriend and now-wife took offense to it.

“Came up to me, got in my face, I thought she was kidding, I laughed. Turned out she wasn’t kidding, turned it into a thing. Everybody made it a big deal. Triple H was mad at them. And so then we stopped being friends.”

Yikes. It is hard to tell who comes out looking the worst there.

In a sports week that has seen Devin Booker get busted spying on Kendall Jenner, the real reason for Dave Portnoy’s break-up emerge and Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend become a trending topic, it is pretty telling that Beadle was able to swoop in and steal the headlines in this fashion.

It really speaks to the popularity of all parties involved: Beadle, CM Punk and Lee.

With CM Punk’s profile on the rise, what with his return to the WWE, it also isn’t hugely shocking that Beadle chose now to tell the story.

Will Beadle, CM Punk and Lee ultimately be able to squash their beef now that the truth about what caused their rift has finally come out? Time will tell.

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