Dave Portnoy Explains Why He Broke Up With Silvana Mojica

Dave Portnoy Explains Why He Broke Up With Silvana Mojica

Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica were one of the most popular influencer couples on social media.

Because of Portnoy’s standing as the boss of Barstool Sports, and given Mojica’s surprisingly massive reach across her various accounts, news of their break-up set the internet ablaze last week.

It didn’t take long for reports to surface about why Portnoy dumped Mojica.

This week, the Barstool Sports boss appeared on his BFFs podcast and confirmed the real reason he dumped his girlfriend of three years.

Essentially, she was asking things of him that he wasn’t prepared to give her. And apparently it had been happening for some time.

In a week where an NFL star’s wife leaked his messages with his mistress, few would be able to steal the headlines from that drama. But that is exactly what Portnoy and Mojica did.

Fans had some strong reactions to Portnoy’s explanation for why he broke up with Mojica:

Big picture, this seems like it was the best long-term move for all parties involved.

Mojica, after all, is very young. Hitching your wagon to a man approaching his 50s who has no intention of settling down doesn’t make a ton of sense.

It seems like, much as he alluded to in that podcast, Portnoy was just looking out for someone he cares about.

Will Portnoy and Mojica eventually be able to be friends after the wounds heal a bit? Time will tell.

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