Molly Qerim’s Awkward Moment With Stephen A. Smith On First Take (Video)

Molly Qerim’s Awkward Moment With Stephen A. Smith On First Take (Video)

Molly Qerim’s awkward moment with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take this week caused something of a stir.

It goes without saying that Qerim and Smith often find themselves trending. In Qerim’s case, she literally just set the internet ablaze with her provocative Thanksgiving Day outfit. Smith, meanwhile, caused a ruckus not too long ago when he was linked to a mystery woman.

This week the pair made headlines once again, this time for a somewhat odd exchange during Wednesday’s First Take program.

To say that things got awkward quickly would be an understatement:

“You look like a president’s wife,” fellow panelist Marcus Spears told Qerim.

“Which president?” Qerim shot back, before adding, “Don’t answer that.”

Smith, never one to take a backseat in a conversation, also jumped into the fray.

“It ain’t Obama. There’s only one, that’s Michelle,” he noted. “To answer the question, to honestly answer the question, you can go back to JFK, you can go back to Ronald Regan. I’m sorry to say this. Don’t take this wrong. Bill Clinton.”

Understandably, fans at home were left scratching their heads at this bizarre exchange.

Then again, this is sort of par for the course for First Take. Slight more than a month ago, Qerim and Smith had a back-and-forth that so uncomfortable that Qerim didn’t show up for work the next day.

And who could forget the time, in mid-November, when Qerim and Smith shared a really intimate moment that had fans speculating about the true status of their relationship.

Part of what makes First Take what it is happens to be the dynamic between Qerim and Smith.

They know that as well as anyone.

What sort of crazy First Take antics will Qerim and Smith ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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