Molly Qerim Made Visibly Uncomfortable By Stephen A. Smith (Video)

Molly Qerim Made Visibly Uncomfortable By Stephen A. Smith (Video)

Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith have built up a notable rapport throughout their time together on ESPN’s First Take.

That said, despite their rich history together, the pair has also occasionally found itself in the headlines over some strange stuff. Between the romance rumors and his eyebrow-raising comments to her, Qerim and Smith are no strangers to causing a stir.

And that pattern repeated itself this week.

During a recent episode of First Take, Smith made Qerim visibly uncomfortable.

The scene in question occurred as a result of Qerim’s phone allegedly going off.

“Molly, your cell phone is ringing,” Smith said.

“It’s not ringing,” she replied.

“Vibrating,” Smith shot back.

“I tried to say ring. Do you want me to say vibrating on the air? You always like me to mention vibrating on the air when it’s your phone. You really want me to do that? You want me to say vibrating with your phone? Just go with the ring, Molly. I’m trying to avoid the vibrating.”

The whole scene was so uncomfortable that Dan Orlovsky tried to hide his face.

Furthermore, one day after the incident occurred, Qerim skipped the show. Make of that what you will.

Some fans couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Qerim is a huge star in her own right. Between her provocative outfits and handsy encounters with college football coaches, she is a big enough name to branch out on her own past First Take.

That said, Smith and Qerim have a long history together.

It is unlikely that one awkward moment can undo all that time spent together.

But it was a very cringey sequence of events.

Will Smith and Qerim address what happened and then move past it? If not for their sake, then for First Take’s? Time will tell.

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