Dave Portnoy And Silvana Mojica Real Reason For Breakup

Dave Portnoy And Silvana Mojica Real Reason For Breakup

Dave Portnoy and his longtime girlfriend, Silvana Mojica, appear to have broken up.

Mojica made the announcement on her social media page, seemingly confirming days of speculation:

@silvanamojicazimagine u buy these for someone and then get broken up with 🫶🏽♬ original sound – Silvs

“Imagine you buy these for someone and then get broken up with,” she said in the video.

Portnoy, a lightning rod for media attention, is obviously no stranger to finding himself in the headlines. The Barstool Sports boss has blown up online for everything ranging from his intimate encounters with women to his bombastic messages to pro athletes he dislikes.

Along the way, Portnoy has racked up an impressive net worth and millions of adoring fans.

Because of his massive following, many have understandably taken to wondering what the real reason for Portnoy’s breakup with Mojica was.

“He’s in his 40’s & doesn’t want to be re-married, doesn’t want kids, and just took on a ton of new responsibilities with buying back Barstool. Definitely sucks, but this makes sense,” one person speculated on Reddit.

“Hate to say it but I saw this coming,” another person added.

“I’m a Miami girly and one of my best friends used to mess with him. It overlapped w Silvana. He would periodically check in on her over the past two years. Also he just bought back barstool, is worth hundreds of millions, and is clearly a NYC Jewish guy who doesn’t want to get married again or have children.

“He’s also 20 years older than her. To him, she’s a liability. I hope she finds peace and happiness. She’s a sweet and beautiful girl who’s very very young and has so much ahead of her. I hope he gives her a nice parting gift Tbh. Especially for wasting almost three years of her 20’s.”

That said, many believe this was a good thing for Mojica.

“Honestly blessing in disguise for her. She was always too good for him,” a fan observed.

“Without silv Dave is just an arrogant dude who gets by from putting people below him. She was the only thing good about him. Hoping she’ll find someone less creepy and obnoxious,” a second fan added.

In a sports week that saw an NBA star get busted with a minor, a prominent sports analyst forcibly kiss a random woman and Brittany Mahomes’ provocative workout photos set the internet ablaze, this breakup may fly under the radar.

Portnoy is a big star – but there are limits to even his celebrity.

That said, hopefully the truth eventually comes out.

What is the real reason for Portnoy and Mojica’s breakup? An answer one way or the other will emerge soon enough.

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