Michael Jordan’s Current Feelings On Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan’s Current Feelings On Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen once formed the most formidable duo in NBA history.

While nobody ever confused them for being best friends, they seemed cordial enough in their work relationship.

When Jordan released the ‘Last Dance’ documentary a few years ago, his relationship with Pippen rapidly deteriorated. The latter was extremely upset about his portrayal and made no attempts to hide it.

In the years since, the pair has gone viral for everything ranging from Pippen bashing Jordan to Pippen being scared to run into Jordan at events to Dennis Rodman weighing in on their beef.

This week, Jordan and Pippen’s former teammate Toni Kukoc revealed how Jordan currently feels about Pippen.

“Three years ago he worked with the Bulls, he came at a few games,” Kukoc said.

“I don’t want to go deep into what happened, media work in that way. I didn’t see him for a long time. I’m sorry because of the problems in the relationship between him and Michael. With Michael, I’m talking about, he still loves [Pippen], respects him and always mentions him as someone without whom he would never have any huge success, like he did it.”


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Kukoc didn’t stop there, though.

“It is sad, it is tough for me to see [Pippen] in this condition,” Kukoc continued. “He changes his opinion from time to time about Michael, LeBron, and about other people. He called Phil Jackson a racist because he gave me to shot a clutch shot it’s not something… I don’t know… That is not a Scottie from our team when we played. He didn’t have any problem to pass the ball.

“I always say Michael Jordan is the best, and Michael is the greatest of all time but if you play good and know how to play basketball, then Scottie is the best teammate that you can ever have.”

Clearly Pippen still has a lot of ill-will towards Jordan, but the hate doesn’t appear to be mutual.

Ex-Bulls Players Supported Scottie Pippen Again Michael Jordan

It is worth noting that, while Kukoc clearly supports Jordan, other Bulls players took Pippen’s side.

It is no secret that at least a few guys felt like Jordan was out of line in the way he treated his teammates and others around him.

Pippen wasn’t alone in that. He just lacks the sway to shift public sentiment.

Will Jordan and Pippen ever be able to get on the same page? Time will tell.

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