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Miami Cheerleaders’ College Football Photo Causes A Stir

Miami Cheerleaders’ College Football Photo Causes A Stir

Texas A&M beat Miami 17-9 on Saturday to hand the Hurricanes their first defeat of the season.

While head coach Mario Cristobal’s poor decision-making and the wide receivers’ inability to catch the football obviously stole the show this weekend, they weren’t the only things Miami made headlines for.

A now-viral photo featuring Miami’s cheerleaders also left quite the impression.

The image largely speaks for itself:

As do the subsequent reactions.

It’s nice to see a more jovial viral moment featuring cheerleaders blow up after what has littered the headlines over the past few months. Between ESPN incessantly zooming in on cheerleader butts and that one really ugly incident involving a St. Bonaventure dancer – it has been one headache after another in collegiate sports.

Fun photos notwithstanding, it’s difficult to understate how rough of a showing Saturday was for the Hurricanes.

Watching Cristobal calling for special teams while in the red zone down eight with three minutes left was like a flashback to his bad ol’ days when he was at the helm of Oregon’s football program. It’s hard to think of a more scared coach at a big school right now.

Not that Miami’s receivers did much to inspire faith in the offense. With Xavier Restrepo out Tyler Van Dyke tried his best, but nobody stepped up to make the big catches when they mattered most.

Texas A&M, frankly, looked a lot better than they actually are due to how disappointing the Hurricanes were.

Miami will obviously beat Middle Tennessee next week, but the way they do it will matter. If they blow them out in dominant fashion, they’ll be able to regain some semblance of momentum.

Should the outing be closer than it needs to be, red flags will immediately go off about just how good this program truly is at the moment.

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