Luka Doncic’s 1 Big Offseason Change Ahead Of Mavs Season

Luka Doncic’s 1 Big Offseason Change Ahead Of Mavs Season

Luka Doncic came within one round of making the Finals last year.

It was as far as he has ever gotten in his relatively short NBA career, and clearly left him wanting more.

How does Doncic plan to build on the momentum he established in 2021-22?

By making one big offseason change.

“Shortly after the end of the season, he contacted me and said that he wanted to start fitness training immediately,” Doncic’s trainer Anze Macek said recently. “Together with Goran Dragić, they worked for three weeks. The national team action followed. When he went on vacation, he asked me for a work plan. It remains active.

“I am in contact with him almost on a daily basis. It keeps its shape. He will upgrade everything during the national team trainings, where he will prepare for maximum efforts.”

The photos back this up. As do his recent vacation pictures.

Between Doncic’s new body and the new, ungradable shot he developed – the Mavericks are primed to be scary next season.

To date the Mavs have only been linked to one blockbuster trade this summer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it is going to materialize.

That means they’ll go into 2022-23 boasting largely the same roster as last season, plus Christian Wood, minus Jalen Brunson.

Will next year be the one where Doncic leads Dallas to the Finals, competes for a title and finally ascends to his seemingly inevitable position as the best player in the NBA today?

Time will tell.

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