LSU Coach Kim Mulkey Finally Reveals Why Angel Reese Is Out (Video)

LSU Coach Kim Mulkey Finally Reveals Why Angel Reese Is Out (Video)

LSU coach Kim Mulkey finally shined a light on the problem that had clearly developed between her and the Tigers’ biggest basketball star, Angel Reese.

For days speculation had run rampant regarding why Reese had been benched.

The mystery was beginning to become a real distraction for all parties involved.

Unsurprisingly, this week, Mulkey decided to nip this whole matter in the bud.

“We always have to deal with locker room issues,” Mulkey said.

“That’s just part of coaching. … Sometimes you want to know more than you’re entitled to know. I’m going to protect my players. Always. They are more important and it’s like a family.”

Clearly Reese did something that, in Mulkey’s eyes at least, warranted her sitting out.

If her initial statement wasn’t clear enough, Mulkey cemented it with her follow-up comment to reporters.

“If you do some disciplining of your own children, do you think we’re entitled to know that?” she told the media.

“That’s a family in that locker room.”

So there you go. Reese did something that warranted ‘disciplining’ and can be characterized as a ‘locker room issue.’

It isn’t hard to read between the lines here. Over the past year Reese has been partying it up with Olivia Dunne, flirting publicly with problematic rappers and been accused of secretly hooking up with a teammate.

She is one of the biggest stars in collegiate sports and has made seven figures as a result of it.

It is hard to allow Mulkey to regularly yell at you regularly when you don’t need to.

And Reese is in a place in life now where she doesn’t need to let anyone yell at her.

Will Mulkey and Reese ultimately find a resolution to their beef that allows the latter to return to playing ball at LSU? Time will tell.

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