LSU’s Angel Reese, NBA YoungBoy Continue Public Flirtation

LSU’s Angel Reese, NBA YoungBoy Continue Public Flirtation

LSU star Angel Reese has become the biggest name in women’s basketball over the past week.

Not only did her Tigers make easy work of Iowa and Caitlyn Clark in the NCAA Tournament Championship Game, but her behavior afterward made her something of a national sensation.

Specifically, she followed Clark around after the game was no longer in doubt and mocked her. Over and over and over again.

While Clark herself has repeatedly stated that she has no problem with Reese taunting her after LSU won the National Championship, others apparently do. And it has led to nonstop debates over the past few days.

Some have even gone so far as to create complicated videos showing why Reese mocking her opposition was different than Clark mocking hers.

In addition to the Clark ordeal, Reese has also made headlines for her beef with First Lady Jill Biden and her seemingly blossoming relationship with rapper NBA YoungBoy.

The pair’s interactions via social media largely speak for themselves.

Big picture, Reese is arguably the second biggest star at LSU right now. Obviously, as evidenced by what a stir her recent hotel room video caused, gymnast Olivia Dunne remains the school’s biggest star.

But Reese is right there in the No. 2 spot.

And as she does stuff like engage famous rappers and feud with the President of United States’ wife, her stock only continues to grow.

Will Reese and NBA YoungBoy continue their public flirtation going forward? Time will tell.

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