Video Of Difference Between Caitlin Clark And Angel Reese’s Taunts

Video Of Difference Between Caitlin Clark And Angel Reese’s Taunts

Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese put the women’s NCAA Tournament on the map in more ways than one this weekend.

First and foremost, both stars served as excellent examples of the sort of stellar play that often exists but goes unnoticed in the women’s game. Despite LSU quite easily defeating Iowa on Sunday, the hype surrounding their match-up was immense.

The other way in which Clark and Reese made headlines was in sparking a debate about what is and isn’t appropriate taunting of the opposition.

Reese irked some folks when she mocked Clark repeatedly to her face when it became clear that LSU was on the verge of winning a National Title.

Reese received a lot of criticism for the gesture, leading to her defenders pointing to a similar incident involving Clark during her game versus Louisville.

So are the two incidents the same? A video attempted to answer that question on Monday.

People can draw their own conclusions.

Clark offered her reaction to Reese’s taunts after the game, but she hasn’t commented on it since then.

Reese, meanwhile, has doubled down on what she did – citing Clark’s past disrespect as the reason she went as hard as she did.

One way or another, people will move on from this particular situation. And when they do, what will be left is two extremely impressive female basketball stars who now have name brand recognition in households across the United States.

Will Clark and Reese one day take their rivalry to the WNBA? Time will tell.

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