What Is Bryce James’ Problem? Why Does He Keep Transferring Schools?

What Is Bryce James’ Problem? Why Does He Keep Transferring Schools?

LeBron James’ youngest son, Bryce James, has switched schools for the third time in the last six months.

Last season Bryce played as a sophomore at Sierra Canyon alongside his older brother, Bronny.

After Bronny committed to USC for college ball, Bryce decided to transfer from Sierra Canyon to Campbell Hall in May. Just when it looked like he was going to attend the Studio City-based institution, he shocked everyone by switching yet again – this time to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks.

This week things came full circle, when it was revealed that Bryce was heading back to Sierra Canyon.

“The youngest son of LeBron James is headed back to Chatsworth where he played his freshman and sophomore seasons after starting the 2023 fall semester at Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks,” Tarek Fattal reported.

“Bryce officially unenrolled, turned in school and basketball equipment back to Notre Dame early Tuesday, according to sources.”

If this feels like a lot of hubbub for a kid who averaged 3.8 points per game in 12 varsity showings for Sierra Canyon, it’s because it definitely is.

That said – clearly people are high on Bryce’s future. And it’s easy to see why. Recent side-by-side photos of Bryce and Bronny reveal just how massive the former has gotten.

There’s a reason why he was invited on an important college visit just last month.

Bryce has also shown a certain poise on and off the court. In the latter case, he has remained nonplussed when confronted by a crazy fan and when folks dug extra deep in his love life.

Clearly there is a ton of promise there.

But the school-switching nonsense is objectively odd.

Generally people do this kind of stuff when there is a problem at their old school and they need to resolve it. But this many transfers in half a year? That indicates that maybe Bryce is the problem.

There is just no other feasible explanation.

What is Bryce’s problem? Why he does he keep switching schools? One way or the other, hopefully an answer will reveal itself in the coming days and weeks.

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