LeBron James’ Son Bryce Looking Giant In New Photos

LeBron James’ Son Bryce Looking Giant In New Photos

LeBron James’ eldest son Bronny has understandably been a hot topic of conversation in recent years.

He is 17 years old and rapidly approaching the start of his collegiate basketball career.

That said, while Bronny’s future prospects are no doubt electrifying (despite him recently plummeting in the national rankings), similarly exciting are the projections for his younger brother Bryce.

Over the weekend photos emerged showing just how big Bryce has gotten:

Fans were understandably caught off guard. It seems like just yesterday he was a little boy. Now the 15-year-old’s size rivals his big bro’s.

And mind you, this isn’t just an optical illusion because of camera angle. Bryce is legitimately as big or bigger than Bronny these days.

The visuals don’t lie:


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Interestingly enough, many in basketball circles actually believe Bryce has more potential than Bronny.

Time will tell if that’ll end up being true.

At the moment, Bronny has four legendary universities chasing him. From there, his NBA odds are a question mark. Clearly LeBron wants to play out his final year as a pro alongside his oldest son, but execs around the league are divided on the feasibility of this idea.

In any case, it’s obviously something LeBron very much wants (he even has a rough idea of which team it can happen on), so there’s definitely a chance.

What will be interesting to see though is what happens when Bryce gets closer to collegiate age. Will the hype around him build in the way chatter about Bronny has over the past couple of years?

Time will tell.

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