LeBron James Shares Telling Bronny Photo Amid USC Rumors

LeBron James Shares Telling Bronny Photo Amid USC Rumors

LeBron James shared a telling Bronny photo this week amid incessant rumors about his son’s USC future.

Back in late July, Bronny collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during a workout. He was subsequently taken to the hospital and eventually diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.

Understandably, over the past two months, questions have circulated regarding Bronny’s basketball future.

The fact that he has been so quiet on social media has only added to the mystery. The 18-year-old’s last post came more than two months ago.


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Given that Bronny has lived the better part of his teenage years in the spotlight, going viral for everything ranging from his love interests to his NBA prospects, the silence has been pretty deafening.

Although both LeBron and Savannah have quietly told those close to them what their position on Bronny playing ball again is, nobody has released anything publicly.

Because of that, many have wondered whether Bronny’s hoops career is actually in doubt.

Late Sunday evening, LeBron took to social media to share a telling photo.

LeBron James Shares Telling Bronny Photo Amid USC Rumors 1

The photo’s message was quite clear: everything is fine. Bronny is still set to return to USC. The Trojans are still eager to have him back. LeBron is not worried. Ignore the rumors and speculation.

At this point, the cardiologists have weighed in.

Bronny is back to chilling with a bunch of USC girls.

Everything seems to be trending in the right direction in regards to his health.

Obviously time will tell what the future holds for Bronny, but at the moment, LeBron doesn’t seem too concerned with his son’s USC prospects.

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