LeBron And Savannah James’ Position On Bronny Playing Basketball Again

LeBron And Savannah James’ Position On Bronny Playing Basketball Again

Bronny James, the eldest son of LeBron and Savannah James, experienced something of a health scare this week.

While practicing at USC’s facility, Bronny suffered cardiac arrest. He was rushed to the hospital and treated, before ultimately being released later in the week.

Understandably, LeBron was extremely shaken by what transpired. Ditto for Bronny’s younger brother, Bryce.

Over the weekend a report emerged detailing how LeBron and Savannah feel about Bronny continuing to play basketball in the aftermath of what transpired.

“If Bronny isn’t able to ever play basketball again, so be it,” a source familiar with the family told The Daily Mail. “But those decisions are a long way away. As parents, this has been a nightmare. Going through this has been very stressful. They just want the best for Bronny. They really can’t believe that this happened and is happening.”

A lot of questions still remain regarding what exactly went wrong with Bronny. It seems like preliminary testing hasn’t turned up anything that would suggest a problem.

Time will tell if further examinations turn up a culprit.

On Saturday, LeBron posted a video of Bronny that seemed to suggest he was recovering.


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Between LeBron’s ‘I Promise’ school landing in the headlines for children being unable to pass basic math tests and what happened with Bronny, this has been a week to forget for the James clan.

Still, if anyone is mentally tough enough to withstand any trials and tribulations thrown their way – it’s this group.

What does the future hold for LeBron, Savannah and Bronny going forward? Time will tell.

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