Bryce James Reacts To Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest Situation

Bryce James Reacts To Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest Situation

Bryce James has reacted to his older brother Bronny’s cardiac arrest situation in a post on social media.

On Monday, Bronny suffered cardiac arrest while working out ahead of his USC debut.

The youngster was immediately rushed to the hospital and subsequently released within 24 hours – a great sign.

While details regarding what precisely happened with Bronny remain scarce, that didn’t stop Bryce from taking to social media to send a loving message to his big brother.

Bryce James Reacts To Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest Situation 1

The question now, obviously, is where Bronny, Bryce and LeBron James go from here.

On Wednesday, LeBron’s reaction to everything that has transpired emerged. Clearly he is a man on a mission to help his eldest son right now.

What’s up in the air at this juncture is Bronny’s long-term health. In a conversation with the O.C. Register, Cedars Sinai cardiologist Dr. Ernst von Schwarz gave his thoughts on what comes next.

“It is a condition,” he said.

“There’s different causes for it, but usually there is an underlying, often congenital condition – meaning the people, the athletes are born with it, and that, especially during heavy physical activity, can lead to an arrhythmia which equals cardiac arrest and the vast majority die of that.”

Essentially, the battle here isn’t over.

“Those who survive have to do certain measures to prevent it from happening again,” he continued.

“If it’s a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, those people often need medication. They often need defibrillators implanted because it’s a lifelong condition, inherited, which cannot be cured. It can be dealt with, but the person has to deal with it lifelong and often times that can mean it’s over with competitive sports.”

The road ahead for Bronny is full of questions. More of them than answers, in fact.

But with the support of his family, inevitably he will end up fine.

What does the future hold for Bronny? Time will tell, but either way, Bryce his back no matter what.

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