LeBron James’ Reaction To Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest Situation

LeBron James’ Reaction To Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest Situation

Bronny James suffered cardiac arrest during a workout at USC on Monday.

As the eldest son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and one of most promising college basketball recruits in the nation, Bronny’s health scare sent shockwaves throughout the sports world.

Prayers and well wishes poured in immediately, despite the relatively scarcity of details regarding Bronny’s situation.

Late Tuesday, information about LeBron’s reaction to Bronny’s status emerged.

According to sources that spoke with The Daily Mail, LeBron is “devastated” by what transpired.

LeBron is “making sure he gets the best care possible,” the source continued, before adding that he is in “full Dad mode and is protecting his son in any way he can” despite being “scared.”

At the moment, the James family has yet to publicly reveal what specifically happened to Bronny beyond just the general information that is out there.

“LeBron is keeping things as close to himself and his family as possible but is also keeping others like his agents and main people in the Lakers organization privy to what is going on,” the report continued.

Currently, LeBron appears to only have one end result in mind: getting Bronny back to 100 percent.

“LeBron has no other feelings besides making sure his son will be OK. LeBron’s only focus is devoted to Bronny’s recovery,” the report added.

“It is going to be the only thing on his mind, he is in full dad mode and protecting his son in any way he can do that.”

Some statistics show that as many 90 percent of cases of cardiac arrest that occur in a given year in the United States are fatal. That Bronny suffered one and was released from intensive care a mere one day later is a great sign.

What the future holds for him remains to be seen, though.

Bronny is one of the most mentally resilient young athletes in any sport.

Despite the media scrutinizing every date he goes on, every girl he speaks to and every aspect of his game – he has never gotten rattled by the attention.

He has always handled it as well as his dad.

The road to recovery would be tough for anyone, but with LeBron’s support and his own mental fortitude, if anyone can bounce back strong from cardiac arrest it’s definitely Bronny.

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