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Bronny James Takes Photos With USC Girls At Nevada Game

Bronny James Takes Photos With USC Girls At Nevada Game

Bronny James was on hand this weekend as USC took on Nevada during Week 1 of the new college football season.

Obviously this has been a busy couple of months for LeBron James’ eldest son.

It started with him committing to play college basketball for the Trojans, only to subsequently suffer a cardiac arrest incident.

The latest prognosis on Bronny’s capacity to return to USC and actually hoop was released not long ago.

In the meantime, however, Bronny has been showing up to various school functions. This weekend proved to be no exception.

Understandably, Bronny’s photos with a bunch of USC girls caused something of a stir.

Bronny James Takes Photos With USC Girls At Nevada Game 1

Bronny, of course, is likely not too surprised by this. He has been in the headlines for years for everything ranging from who his girlfriend is to his intimate date nights. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s also part of the celebrity that has turned him into one of the highest-paid NIL collegiate athletes around.

As far as his hoops future goes – time will tell what happens with Bronny on that front. Obviously his health comes first, but all signs currently point to him being able to make a triumphant return.

At the moment, USC’s college football team seems to be firing on all cylinders. Quarterback Caleb Williams, who is no stranger to having his alleged foot-loving personal life details unearthed by the media, seems on track for another Heisman campaign.

But obviously what matters most to him and everyone else is his capacity to bring a National Championship home to Southern California.

The title drought has been all too real for L.A. college football fans.

Once Williams’ season ends, it will be interesting to see if Bronny can pick up where he left off and lead the USC basketball team to some success as well.

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