Bronny James’ Consulting Cardiologist Offers Insight Into His Health

Bronny James’ Consulting Cardiologist Offers Insight Into His Health

Bronny James suffered cardiac arrest this week while practicing for his looming USC college basketball debut.

Details regarding what precisely went awry have been scarce, but it was serious enough to garner a pretty dramatic response from Bronny’s dad and Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James.

Both LeBron and his wife, Savannah, have made their position on Bronny playing ball again crystal clear.

Ultimately, Bronny was discharged from the hospital and sent home.

In the aftermath, Bronny’s consulting cardiologist, Dr. Merije Chukumerije, offered some insight into his condition.

In a statement, Dr. Chukumerije offered some insight into Bronny’s health as it presently stands.

“Thanks to the swift and effective response by the USC athletics’ medical staff, Bronny James was successfully treated for a sudden cardiac arrest,” he said.

“He arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center fully conscious, neurologically intact and stable. Mr. James was cared for promptly by highly-trained staff and has been discharged home, where he is resting.

“Although his workup will be ongoing, we are hopeful for his continued progress and are encouraged by his response, resilience, and his family and community support.”

Bronny was and continues to be one of the most promising young college basketball freshmen in the nation. Folks are understandably excited to see what he brings to the table, given some of the NBA player comparisons he has received.

That said – heart issues are no joke. And it will be important to first accurately identify what went wrong for Bronny, and then how to fix it going forward.

Still, if anyone has the mental toughness to persevere through this – it’s Bronny. This is a youngster who has had the media hanging on to every date he has ever gone on and everything he has ever done for years.

The scrutiny never fazed Bronny; his resilience knows no bounds.

Bronny will return better than ever sooner rather than later. When precisely will that be, though? Time will tell.

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