Bronny James’ Karaoke Video At USC Team Dinner Goes Viral

Bronny James’ Karaoke Video At USC Team Dinner Goes Viral

Bronny James’ decision to commit to USC after a prolonged flirtation with Ohio State and Oregon sent shockwaves throughout college basketball.

Obviously Bronny wasn’t the highest ranked prospect in high school hoops last year, but he was definitely the most notable one. There is a reason why he commands the largest NIL deals of any collegiate athlete around.

Amid questions regarding Bronny’s place on the Trojans’ roster, a video went viral this week of him at a team dinner.

Bronny could be seen in the clip doing karaoke with the squad, and fans absolutely loved it.

The reactions poured in immediately.

And in a pleasant change of pace for what he internet is usually known for, the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Fun times aside, it will be interesting to see whether Bronny ultimately starts for USC next year or comes off the bench in a Sixth Man capacity. The team has not signaled one or the other what the plan is.

It goes without saying that Bronny is no stranger to making headlines. Be it for being spotted on a date night with a new girl, his (maybe) girlfriend’s vacation photos going viral or over the nonstop scrutinization of his basketball skills, the youngster is a permanent fixture in the news cycle.

Time and time again, Bronny has proven that he can handle all the attention and chatter better than most people his age would be able to.

He will need that sort of mental fortitude to get him through what promises to be an interesting collegiate hoops career.

What will Bronny ultimately be able to accomplish at USC? One way or another, an answer will emerge next season.

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