LeBron James’ Insane New Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos)

LeBron James’ Insane New Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos)

LeBron James finally returned to action on Friday night after missing 20 games with a high ankle sprain.

He ended up scoring 16 points in 32 minutes in a 110-106 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Obviously after such an extended absence, it’s going to take James some time to get back on track.

Fortunately, his rusty play wasn’t the main thing people were talking about this week.

Rather, it was James’ insane new tattoo.

LeBron James’ Insane New Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos) 1

The lower part of the tattoo shows Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series. On the top left half, there is Freddy Krueger from the Freddy vs. Jason films.

What does this foray in horror genre ink indicate? That’s anyone’s guess. Maybe James is saying that scary times are coming for the rest of the league.

Either way, the tattoo looks snazzy as can be and if anyone can pull off artwork that intricate, it’s the King.

This has been a crazy year for James. He survived a terrifying threat from a crazed fan. He has been involved in some pretty controversial on-the-court plays. And he’s faced some serious backlash over one particular tweet.

Will it ultimately end with him inflicting horror movie-style damage on the rest of the league and winning his second straight championship? Time will tell.

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