Is Nicolas Reardon Suing LeBron James Over Tweet?

Is Nicolas Reardon Suing LeBron James Over Tweet?

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James sparked controversy this week when he tweeted out an incendiary message regarding police officer Nicolas Reardon.

Reardon is a Columbus, Ohio, cop who shot and killed a black teen as she appeared to be attacking two females with a knife.

James posted Reardon’s photo along with a message reading, “You’re next.”

Is Nicolas Reardon Suing LeBron James Over Tweet? 1

After a tidal wave of criticism, including from one of the most polarizing UFC champs around, James went back and deleted the tweet.

In the aftermath, rumors began to circulate that Reardon would sue James for inciting violence against him.

So is Reardon suing James? No.

Based on public records, there is no pending lawsuit against James at the moment.

That said, many are still wondering whether the NBA will ultimately come out and levy some sort of punishment against him.

A final answer on that matter should emerge at some point in the next few days.

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