Lakers’ LeBron James Reportedly Annoyed With Anthony Davis  

Lakers’ LeBron James Reportedly Annoyed With Anthony Davis  

The Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles may be taking their toll on LeBron James’ relationship with Anthony Davis.

A week or so ago fans couldn’t help but notice Davis acting particularly peculiar towards James on the bench. Both men tried to dismiss it after the fact, but the video spoke for itself.

This week another sign emerged that something was amiss.

The most recent indicator occurred when Colin Cowherd revealed on his radio show that their may be some trouble in paradise between the Lakers’ two biggest stars.

“LeBron and his camp have been frustrated by how many minutes he has to play,” Cowherd said.

“They can’t depend on Anthony Davis. They are also mad that Darvin Ham (Lakers coach) is not keeping the pressure on Anthony Davis … I talked to an NBA source who I’ve known for a long time, he said the Dallas Mavericks and Anthony Davis, keep your eye on it.”

Obviously Cowherd is a polarizing personality, but he also isn’t one to make up news reports. If he is saying this, he definitely heard it from someone.

Fans were displeased with this most recent update.

A few days ago, Davis got brutally honest about Russell Westbrook getting traded. The change in the big man’s overall demeanor is hard to ignore. Mind you, this is someone who once made it a point to exclude one Lakers teammate from his wedding because of a personal beef.

Davis isn’t shy about expressing his annoyances either.

L.A. envisions Davis taking over for James as the franchise’s biggest star when the latter retires. But if there is truly friction between the pair, Rob Pelinka and Co. may be forced to make a choice here.

Will James and Davis be able to work out their differences in a constructive way? Or will this be the beef that finally breaks up this incarnation of the Lakers? One way or another, an answer should emerge soon enough.

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