Kyrie Irving Fires Back At Booing Mavs Fans After Latest Loss

Kyrie Irving Fires Back At Booing Mavs Fans After Latest Loss

Kyrie Irving’s love affair with Dallas Mavericks fans has apparently come to an end.

On Friday night the Mavs suffered a surprising upset loss to the very injured and extremely bad Charlotte Hornets.

At one point in the outing, the team’s fan base began to boo the on-court product.

Irving didn’t like that very much. And after the game he addressed the matter.

“You obviously want to play well, but it’s only five people on the court that can play for the Dallas Mavericks,” he said.

“If the fans wanna change places, then hey, be my guest. Got years of work ahead to be great enough to be on this level.”

For what it’s worth, Irving’s head coach seemed to agree with the booing fans. He felt their reaction was justified.

“Probably should have been booed in the first quarter, just the effort in the play,” Jason Kidd said.

“They [the fans] have a right [to boo], they paid to see a better show. It wasn’t there until the second half. We can’t come out like that, especially this time of the year.”

Booing drama aside, it’s clear the Mavericks have a problem on their hands. Luka Doncic’s words after the outing only underscored that.

“It’s really frustrating. I think you can see it with me on the court,” Doncic told Tim MacMahon of ESPN after the loss.

“Sometimes I don’t feel it’s me. I’m just being out there, you know? I used to have really fun smiling on court, but it’s just been so frustrating for a lot of reasons, not just basketball.”

Irving has spent a lot of time in recent weeks explaining away why Dallas keeps losing with him. He has pointed to bad communication with Doncic, a lack of chemistry and a myriad of other factors.

Maybe he is right, maybe he isn’t.

But either way, the Mavericks made a big bet when they acquired him – and so far it isn’t paying off.

For a guy who got really upset at the Los Angeles Lakers for not trading for him, Irving isn’t playing with much of a chip on his shoulder at the moment.

He doesn’t seem to have as much to prove as one would imagine he should.

Will Irving and Doncic be able to get their acts together and actually make the NBA playoffs this year? One way or another, an answer will emerge over the next couple of weeks.

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