Kyrie Irving Gets Honest About Lakers Not Trading For Him

Kyrie Irving Gets Honest About Lakers Not Trading For Him

The Dallas Mavericks acquired Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets despite efforts from the Los Angeles Lakers to swoop in and steal the polarizing star.

Most regarded L.A. as the frontrunners to land Irving, but the team’s final offer to Brooklyn was deemed not good enough.

Now that the dust has settled, all parties involved are stepping back and looking at what happened.

In a session with the media, Irving addressed how close the Lakers came to getting him and how the team ultimately missed out.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity,” Irving said.

“… As much of the what-ifs as I’d like to focus on and cherish what could have been or should have been, I have to shift my focus to what we have going on here. That’s what brings me peace, just taking care of what I can control and really embracing my teammates.”

That said, Irving did make it a point to express his fondness for LeBron James, who badly wanted to team up with him again after their championship-winning run with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Me and Bron have grown as human beings, and he’s always going to be my brother,” Irving said.

“I’m always going to have great things to say about him and his family but my focus is here. Unfortunately, the Lakers are doing what they’re doing and that’s it.”

The Lakers had a busy trade deadline of their own, and it doesn’t appear as though they are done making moves.

L.A. is one of two teams in the hunt for Kevin Love after he gets bought out, and one of four teams in the running for John Wall after he gets waived.

While neither of those guys is Irving, they could be meaningful contributors to a Lakers team trying to find its footing.

Will Irving ever end up on the Lakers? Or is this a relationship that is doomed to never materializing despite the hype? Time will tell.

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