Kyrie Irving Explains Why Mavericks Are Struggling Right Now

Kyrie Irving Explains Why Mavericks Are Struggling Right Now

The Dallas Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving acquisition was the second-biggest deal to occur ahead of this year’s NBA Trade Deadline.

Obviously Kevin Durant going to the Phoenix Suns was the most consequential transaction to happen, but Irving-to-Dallas was a close No. 2.

Unfortunately, despite all the hype the move received, it has yet to bear fruit for the Mavericks. Thus far the team remains winless with both Irving and Luka Doncic playing together.

This week Irving attempted to explain what the issue was.

“It’s a fresh trade, so it’s going to be a figuring-out process. I wouldn’t call it trouble,” Irving told Callie Caplan of the Dallas Morning News.

“I just, you know, we’ve dealt with some ups and downs throughout live games, and that’s our only way we can really grow. I wish we could have training camp together where you guys don’t see some of our mistakes, but we’re living it out in front of you guys.

“So for me I just have to prepare to be an incredible teammate, of course, but also be selfless enough to change my approach game to game. I have to be flexible and adaptable.”

Doncic played a prominent role in the Mavericks adding Irving. He hasn’t tried to hide that. But neither man is known for their patience.

The vision Dallas had when trading for Irving was clear. They hoped he would serve as a more talented Jalen Brunson and be able to replicate the magic the Mavs had in last year’s playoffs. That group, of course, famously made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals.

Irving certainly possesses the talent to be a meaningful contributor for the Mavericks. The only questions surrounding him are about his attitude and desire to actually play winning basketball. There is a reason Durant said what he said about his now-former teammate this past week.

On paper, the Doncic-Irving duo is a tough one to defend against. They should do big things.

Will they actually end up living up to the lofty expectations that have been set for them, though? Time will tell.

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