Luka Doncic Gets Honest About Playing With Kyrie Irving

Luka Doncic Gets Honest About Playing With Kyrie Irving

The Dallas Mavericks’ acquisition of Kyrie Irving at the NBA Trade Deadline was arguably the second biggest move of the year.

Obviously Kevin Durant going to the Phoenix Suns was the most landscape-changing deal that was made this season, but Irving’s transition is a close second.

The big question now is how Irving and Luka Doncic will fit alongside one another.

This week Doncic attempted to address that during a session with reporters.

“I [am] just excited to play with him. He’s an amazing player,” he said.

That was after their first game together. On Monday night, the Mavericks faced off against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This time things didn’t go as swimmingly.

In the closing seconds, this is how Dallas ended up finishing the game:

Not great.

Doncic attempted to explain what transpired after the fact.

“I was trying to get him a shot,” Doncic said. “He was trying to get me a shot. At the end, nobody got a shot.”

Irving was similarly unhappy with how that final sequence went down.

“Oh, man, I’m still emotionally trying to recover,” Irving admitted.

It will be interesting to see how this little experiment between Irving and Doncic ultimately works out.

Rob Pelinka made it very clear this past week why the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t get Irving ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

That said, it really wouldn’t be all that shocking to see all parties involved retry that team-up over the summer.

Last season without Irving the Mavs made the Western Conference Finals.

What will the addition of Irving mean for their playoff fortunes in 2023? Time will tell.

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