Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Teammate Ever (Video)

Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Teammate Ever (Video)

Kobe Bryant is widely regarded by everyone who witnessed his career as one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Because of his unique impact on the game, any time fans get even a slight window into his mindset it is a huge treat.

This week, a fascinating clip of Bryant went very, very viral.

During a now-infamous interview, Bryant divulged which teammate was his favorite of all time.

“I played with I’d say, Derek Fisher,” Bryant said.

“Just because he has the attitude of a champion. That stuff is really hard to find, a person that has that kind of grit and that togetherness and that make no excuses, get it done by any means necessary sort of attitude. He’s been my favorite teammate of all time.”

Bryant also revealed which opponent of his he’d have loved the opportunity to play with.

“Players I played against, I’d really enjoy to be teammates with (Michael) Jordan because I just feel like practices would be very interesting,” Bryant continued.

“It’s like you go to practice and you know it’s on. That’s really the fun of it, it’s going to practice every day and competing and it makes you better when you have teammates that push you and stuff like that and that would be really, really fun.”

Whether he was breaking down who’d win a 1-on-1 matchup between him and LeBron James or giving his honest assessment of young Stephen Curry – Bryant always kept it real.

His revelation about his favorite teammate was just par for the course.

What fascinating tidbits about Bryant’s life, career and legacy will ultimately come out next?

Time will tell.

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