Klay Thompson Gets Brutally Honest About Jordan Poole Relationship

Klay Thompson Gets Brutally Honest About Jordan Poole Relationship

Klay Thompson spoke out this week regarding his relationship with Jordan Poole and how he feels about his now-former teammate being traded.

Earlier in the offseason, the Golden State Warriors surprised many around the NBA when they sent Poole to the Washington Wizards for Chris Paul.

Given that Paul is 38 years old and already pushing back against playing the way the Warriors would want him to, the swap was puzzling.

The only logical rationale justifying it seemed to be Poole’s continued issues with Golden State’s various players and coaches.

This week, in a conversation with Paul George, Thompson shined a light on his particular feelings regarding Poole.

“We wouldn’t have won the championship without him,” Thompson said.

“He was so important to us when Steph [Curry] went down. Jordan is forever gonna be cherished in the Warriors lore just for what he did to help bring us back to where we needed to go. … That’s like Steph and I’s little bro. … Washington got a good one. Future All-Star, for sure.”

Thompson also described feeling “hurt” to see Poole gone.

“It hurt to see Jordan go,” Thompson continued.

“He was homegrown. I saw him put the work in. I saw him go 2-for-15 in a game, but then he would be in the dungeon—which we call our practice facility, because there’s no windows—getting shots up right after the game. I’m like, ‘Man, this kid’s going to be special.’”

Interestingly enough, there have been reports in the past that Thompson’s relationship with Poole wasn’t great.

Specifically, Thompson’s reaction to the incident between Draymond Green and Poole made it seem like he was definitely on the former’s side.

That said — clearly Thompson and Poole shared a bond, too.

What will Thompson’s battles with Poole ultimately look like next season when the Warriors and Wizards face off? Time will tell.

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