Draymond Green Finally Explains Jordan Poole Punch

Draymond Green Finally Explains Jordan Poole Punch

Draymond Green’s decision to punch his former teammate, Jordan Poole, at the beginning of last season got the Golden State Warriors’ year off to a bumpy start.

Poole was never quite the same afterwards. The Warriors stumbled through much of their 2022-23 campaign. And ultimately, the squad failed to defend their 2021-22 NBA Championship.

While Green punching Poole wasn’t the only reason Golden State floundered last season, it didn’t help. And it was objectively a problem that led to a terrible relationship between the two men – culminating in Poole being traded for a 38-year-old this summer.

This week, Green offered some insight into why he ultimately did what he did to Poole.

“I don’t just hit people,” he said.

“Dialogue, of course, happens over time and you usually ain’t triggered by something that fast… We know stuff you don’t say amongst men. We know things that you have to stand on.”

Obviously Poole seemed to have something of a knack for irritating people. By all accounts, Klay Thompson hated him. Ditto for Steve Kerr.

And although the always-cordial Stephen Curry has tried his best to be kind to Poole in the aftermath of his departure, it’s worth remembering some of the tense moments they shared during the regular season.

Poole burned a lot of bridges with the Warriors – and Green made him pay for it.

Does that excuse what Green did? Of course not.

That said, it’s very telling that Green is still a member of the Warriors and Poole isn’t.

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