Stephen Curry’s Blunt Goodbye Message For Jordan Poole

Stephen Curry’s Blunt Goodbye Message For Jordan Poole

The Golden State Warriors’ decision to trade Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards this offseason has been getting fresh context on seemingly a daily basis.

First it came out why Klay Thompson hated him. Then why Steve Kerr couldn’t stand to coach him any longer.

On Wednesday, word emerged regarding what precisely irritated Poole about the Warriors as an organization.

All of that painted a clear picture regarding why a divorce was necessary.

That being said, one player who seemed to have a decent relationship with Poole was Stephen Curry. This week, the latter sent the former a blunt goodbye message that showed precisely how he feels about how the whole situation went down.

“Just [want to] say to JP how much I appreciated the 4 years, brother. You’re a champion. You grew up right in everybody’s face,” Curry said.

“In your first year, [it] was rough. You was trying to find your way, going into the G-League, helping us finish 15-5 down the stretch in that second year, us winning a championship in your third year, and fighting ’til the end this past year.

“Can’t wait to see you blossom big fella, can’t wait to see you shine in your own situation.”

Classy stuff from one of the league’s classiest players.

What will Poole ultimately be able to accomplish with the Wizards now that he will finally have the opportunity to play the way he wanted to play with the Warriors?

An answer one way or another will emerge next season.

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