Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa’s Concert Outfit Causes A Stir (Photos)

Trevor Lawrence's Wife Marissa's Concert Outfit Causes A Stir (Photos)

Trevor Lawrence’s wife, Marissa, has become something of an online star throughout the NFL offseason.

On the heels of a very successful Jacksonville Jaguars campaign last year, both Trevor and Marissa saw their public profiles grow exponentially.

That has led to Marissa, in particular, going viral for everything ranging from her provocative workout photos to her racy beach day pictures.

This week proved to be no exception.

A few days ago, Marissa joined the millions of fans who have made it a point to see Taylor Swift in concert. Her outfit to the event caused something of a stir.

“That dress,” one fan wrote.

“That dress is everything,” another person agreed.

In a week where a Las Vegas Raiders player went viral for robbing a model and a Seattle Seahawks cheerleader set the internet ablaze over her racy photos, it is quite telling of Marissa’s place in the larger cultural zeitgeist that she was able to blow up online like this.

Fun times aside, though – this is shaping up to be a massive season for the entire Lawrence family.

Last year, thanks to the Jaguars replacing Urban Meyer with Doug Pederson, Trevor finally began to live up to some of the potential he exhibited during his historic Clemson run.

As a result, Jacksonville not only dominated the AFC South and made the playoffs – they also won a memorable outing against the Los Angeles Chargers.

In 2023-24 all parties involved will aim to build on that.

The Jags’ division figures to be a lot more competitive this time around, with Ryan Tannehill healthy and the Tennessee Titans returning a formidable roster.

If Trevor and the Jaguars can hold the Titans off again this season, though – the division is officially theirs for good.

Will Jacksonville make the playoffs once again in 2023-24 and prove that the hype surrounding the franchise is legit? Time will tell, but regardless of how things go, Marissa will be there cheering Trevor on every step of the way.

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