Klay Thompson Gets Honest About Jordan Poole, Draymond Green

Klay Thompson Gets Honest About Jordan Poole, Draymond Green

Draymond Green’s decision to brutally punch Jordan Poole sent shockwaves throughout the NBA.

A certain level of disarray is commonplace in the league. Even defending champions aren’t immune. But what happened between Green and Poole was next level.

This week, the Golden State Warriors have attempted to move past the chaos of a few weeks ago. Green returned to the team after an extended break. Poole received a fresh 4-year, $140 million contract extension.

Clearly, all parties involved have resigned themselves to not lingering on what transpired.

That said, the memory of Green’s punch isn’t easily erased.

This week Klay Thompson got brutally honest about what happened between his teammates.

“It’s in the past,” Thompson said. “It was very unfortunate, but I think ring night and time will heal all wounds… I think we’re all ready to move past it.”

What’s interesting about Thompson’s comment is that he is one of the key players who seemed to take issue with Poole’s general way of being. Head coach Steve Kerr inadvertently admitted that much not long ago.

So him trying to get past what happened without really giving Poole his due as the victim in the situation is fascinating.

Mind you, just this week, Kevin Durant went into great detail regarding how unusual what happened between Green and Poole is. He didn’t mince words.

And yet a lot of players, like Thompson in this instance, are trying to move past it like nothing happened.

It’s an open secret at this point why the Warriors refused to suspend Green for his actions.

Now the Warriors are trying to brush everything that happened under the carpet.

Will that strategy for dealing with this mess work? Time will tell.

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