Why Warriors Decided Not To Suspended Draymond Green

Why Warriors Decided Not To Suspended Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors revealed this past week that they would not be suspending Draymond Green for his altercation with Jordan Poole.

Despite brutal video of Green punching Poole circulating around the web, and even though some particularly harsh words were exchanged beforehand, the powers that be determined that a fine would be the extent of Green’s punishment.

In the aftermath, many couldn’t help but wonder: why wasn’t Green held to account more?

Why wasn’t he suspended?

According to Marc J. Spears of ESPN, part of the reason why Green didn’t get a stiffer punishment is because Poole wasn’t calling for it.

“Poole and Draymond spoke in front of the team a couple of days ago,” it was revealed.

“Poole didn’t think it was necessary that Draymond get a suspension.”

Beyond that, because Green was away from the team for an extended period of time, the general consensus was that he was sort of “suspended” in a way anyway.

“And with that in mind, with what Poole and the teammates thought, ownership and the front office decide that Green would not be suspended, that there would be an undisclosed fine,” Spears added.

“But while Green hasn’t been suspended, he’s been away from the team for over a week now.

“So in a sense, you could maybe even look at that as a suspension, being away.”

Make of that what you will.

As Kevin Durant revealed this week, what happened between Green and Poole was not normal. Any effort to make it seem like it was is disingenuous and an attempt to scrub away the awfulness of what Green said.

Essentially, the Warriors let Green off with a slap on the wrist.

If nothing else happens going forward, then maybe that will prove to be the correct decision for all involved.

But if Green doesn’t fall in line, and if he continues to act with impunity like he is the only person that matters, Golden State may rue the day they opted not take a harsher stance on his misbehavior.

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