Kim Kardashian’s Wild Outfit At PSG Match Causes A Stir (Photos)

Kim Kardashian’s Wild Outfit At PSG Match Causes A Stir (Photos)

Kim Kardashian attended a recent match-up between PSG and Rennes.

Despite being heavy favorites coming into the outing, PSG ended up falling in front of their home crowd 0-2 in something of a shocking defeat.

Since signing with PSG in August of 2021, Lionel Messi hadn’t lost a single home game in more than 700 days – until Rennes firmly ended that streak.

While the game itself was certainly captivating in its own way, what a lot of people couldn’t stop talking about after the fact was Kardashian’s choice of attire to the outing.

Fans reacted swiftly and with a lot of polarization to both Kardashian’s wardrobe choice to the outing and also just her general presence.

Some have started to regard Kardashian as a jinx of sorts. She was also on hand to witness Arsenal get eliminated from the Europa League by Sporting CP.

Either way, though – Kardashian’s love of sports can’t be denied. She was previously married to a pro athlete, after all, even if she did later insinuate that he was into men.

And in addition to that, her most recent husband Kanye West alleged that he discovered her in bed with a completely different professional athlete, too.

Make of that what you will.

Big picture, PSG has a match on the books against Lyon next week.

Messi and Co. will attempt to right the Rennes wrong at that point.

With Kardashian hopefully not in attendance, it should be a little easier.

Will Kardashian ultimately opt to go to any future PSG games given how the last one went? Time will tell.

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