Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders’ Latest Photos Cause A Stir

Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders’ Latest Photos Cause A Stir

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a truly unique 2022-23 NFL season.

For most organizations, coming within one game of playing in the Super Bowl would be a huge win. In the case of Joe Burrow and Co., though? It was actually a regression.

From the way the year got off to a slow start for all involved, the injuries sustained along the way and the off-the-field troubles marring key players like Ja’Marr Chase, it just didn’t seem like a Super Bowl was in the cards for the Bengals.

Now with the offseason in full swing, more questions than answers surround the organization. Will Burrow give up some money so his stars can get paid? Will the team retain Tee Higgins and Joe Mixon?

While all of that is very much up in the air, one thing Bengals fans can rest easy with is knowing that their cheerleaders are putting in serious work in the offseason.

This week the team’s official account released some photos showcasing what the cheerleading squad has been up to in recent days. It’s quite impressive.

“Everyone is slaying,” one fan replied.

“Love it,” another agreed.

“The energy,” a third fan chimed in.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks the team’s cheerleaders have set the internet ablaze.

While the cheerleaders are doing what they are doing, Burrow is currently enjoying the offseason with his lady. Their recent wedding party photos looked like a lot of fun, as did the pair’s vacation pictures.

Are they going as wild as Baker Mayfield and his wife have been? Obviously not. But they still seem to be having a good time.

Big picture, the 2023-24 season will be huge for the Bengals and Burrow’s legacy.

If Cincinnati can once again remain the class of the AFC North and is in position for another Super Bowl bid for the third season in a row, it will officially cement them as one of the league’s consistently best teams.

Should some cracks in the armor begin to show, though – it will be hard not to view that as a warning sign of things to come. Particularly if the offense becomes a little less talent-laden due to financial constraints.

One way or the other, the Bengals will be fun to watch next season. And no matter how things shake out, their cheerleaders will inevitably be there cheering them on every step of the way.

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