Kris Humphries’ Blunt Response To Kim Kardashian Gay Rumors

Kris Humphries’ Blunt Response To Kim Kardashian Gay Rumors

Kris Humphries is a former NBA player whose professional career spanned more than 14 years.

Unfortunately, the thing that Humphries will forever be known for is his short-lived marriage to Kim Kardashian. The pair wed on August 20, 2011 – only to then split 72 days later.

In the years since, their separation has only gotten more acrimonious.

Recently, Kardashian seemed to insinuate that the reason for their divorce was because Humphries was secretly into men. During an episode of her show, she remarked that she had not been to a gay wedding “since my second wedding.”

Understandably, Humphries felt some type of way about that and responded accordingly:

Make of this controversy what you will.

Obviously Humphries had a rough idea of what he was signing up for when he joined the Kardashian family circus, so it’s tough to feel too bad for him. That said, his position — not being labeled as ‘gay’ when he isn’t — is also a reasonable one.

Big picture, this has been a rough few weeks for the Kardashians. One L after another.

First there were Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker’s issues. Now this.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future all parties involved can move forward in healthy, happy and constructive manner.

That said, if it hasn’t happened over the past decade – it’s hard to see it suddenly occurring now.

There are certain folks out there who just aren’t meant to be friends. And based on all the evidence at hand, it seems like Humphries and Kardashian are those folks.

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