Kevin Garnett Remains In Awe Of Lakers’ LeBron James

Kevin Garnett Remains In Awe Of Lakers’ LeBron James

Kevin Garnett and LeBron James had some storied battles against one another in the Eastern Conference.

These days, though – Garnett is long since retired and now merely admires James’ game from afar.

This past week James turned 38 years old. He commemorated the occasion by dropping 47 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists on the Atlanta Hawks.

Garnett immediately took to social media to give James his flowers.

“LeBron getting the same 30 point triple doubles at 38 as he did at 18 is some crazy ish,” he wrote on Twitter. “Redefining Father Time.”

Amazingly enough, Garnett wasn’t the only person who was left in awe of James’ showing versus Atlanta.

Hawks star Trae Young’s dad also couldn’t believe his eyes.

“This must’ve been what it felt like watching Jordan up close,” he remarked on social media. “I’ve never seen anyone control a game like that. My favorite is still MJ all time, but I can’t argue with anyone who says LeBron…..Man O Man.”

Garnett has been quite outspoken in his feelings about James – both positive and negative. His commentary on James’ trash talk was pretty epic.

Ditto for his take on who the NBA’s all time greatest player ever is between James and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Then again, when Garnett was tasked with picking the “Michael Jordan of this era” he didn’t select James – so make of that what you will.

James recently expressed that he wanted to play in meaningful games at this stage in his career. Unfortunately, with his Lakers sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference, that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

For now James will have to settle for playing to earn the respect and admiration of his peers, the fans and NBA legends like Garnett.

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