Kevin Garnett Names MJ Of This NBA Era, And It’s Not LeBron James

Kevin Garnett Names MJ Of This NBA Era, And It’s Not LeBron James

Kevin Garnett is one of the greatest basketball stars of all time.

As such, he has a unique perspective on what it takes to be especially meaningful and impactful as a player in your generation.

This week Garnett offered his thoughts on who the Michael Jordan of this current NBA era is.

His answer caught some people off guard.

“He’s playing with the Michael Jordan of his era,” he told Baxter Holmes of ESPN when discussing Andrew Wiggins. “The knowledge that he takes not just from Steve Kerr and that coaching staff but that pedigree of excellence that they push around there in Golden State — you can’t come in there and be less than. Those are champions in there. Those guys have won together. They’ve been in the grit. They’ve been in the foxhole together. I think it motivates him.”

Because of how well the Golden State Warriors have played this year, debates have raged intensely regarding who is superior between Curry and LeBron James.

Clearly Garnett thinks it is Curry.

Garnett has never shied away from keeping it real. Whether he is dissecting James’ abilities as a trash-talker, offering insight into his relationship with Ray Allen or calling out NBA team owners – he tells it how it is.

These most recent comments are just another example of that.

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