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Kentucky’s JJ Weaver Has 6 Fingers On 1 Hand (Photos)

Kentucky’s JJ Weaver Has 6 Fingers On 1 Hand (Photos)

Saturday’s high-stakes showdown between Georgia and Kentucky was overshadowed by something of a bizarre side plot.

Generally speaking, when the No. 1 ranked team in the nation takes on the No. 11 ranked team – that’s interesting enough. That’s what captures all the headlines.

Not this week, though.

This week Kentucky outside linebacker J.J. Weaver stole the show. Why?

Because he has six fingers. Yes, you read that correctly. Six.

The photo speaks for itself:

Kentucky’s JJ Weaver Has 6 Fingers On 1 Hand (Photos) 1

Naturally, fans had some reactions:

For obvious reasons, Kentucky had to create a special-made glove for Weaver. Prior to that, he simply used a regular glove, forcing two of his fingers into one hole

Through three games so far this year Weaver has recorded 17 total tackles and four sacks.

This year has been all about weird anecdotes for college football. Whether it’s an SEC reporter being lambasted for not dressing appropriately to games or quarterbacks seemingly getting peddled pills on the sidelines – it’s been a strange season.

This Weaver story is just par for the course.

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