Kendall Jenner’s Intimate Message For Suns’ Devin Booker (Photos)

Kendall Jenner’s Intimate Message For Suns’ Devin Booker (Photos)

Kendall Jenner and Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker are one of the most interesting power couples in all of sports and entertainment.

To say that the pair has had a busy last few months would be a massive understatement.

The two momentarily broke up this past summer. That led to photos of Booker going wild in the club with a bunch of random women. Most assumed that was it. Relationship over.

However, as randomly as they split, Jenner and Booker reunited. Pictures subsequently came out of them being very “close” together on vacation together. After that, more photos emerged of them on a night out.

This week a new chapter in their story was written when Kendall took to Instagram to post this Story:

Kendall Jenner’s Intimate Message For Suns’ Devin Booker (Photos) 1

It will be interesting to see where Jenner and Booker go from here. At the moment, all signs point to their relationship only intensifying.

“Devin made a huge effort to fix things with Kendall almost as soon as they broke up,” a recent report explained.

“The threat of losing her was a huge wake-up call for Devin. He’s been laser focused on making her happy ever since, it’s like they’re back in the honeymoon stage. Her friends and family are thrilled that they’re back together, everyone would love to see them get married.”

The Suns are currently one of the top teams in the Western Conference. That is due in no small part to the superb play of Booker.

It’s safe to assume that, for the foreseeable future, his focus will remain on what is happening on the court.

Phoenix made the NBA Finals two years ago and came within a couple of outings of winning a title. Then last season they got embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round.

The Suns’ 2022-23 campaign will be a telling window into where the franchise will go from here. Was last year’s step back a brief trip-up – or a warning sign of things to come?

At the moment it seems like the former is more true than the latter, but anything can still happen. The NBA season is a long one.

Once it’s up, though – Jenner and Booker will be worth keeping an eye on.

Is marriage up next for the happy couple?

Time will tell.

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