Kay Adams’ Brock Purdy Video Causes A Stir

Kay Adams’ Brock Purdy Video Causes A Stir

Kay Adams is one of the most prominent sports media personalities around today.

Because she essentially made her bones on the NFL Network, although Adams covers the NBA and MLB in various capacities as well, football is her bread and butter.

Whenever she offers her take on NFL-related matters, people listen. And that is precisely what ended up happening this week.

In a now-viral video, Adams offered her thoughts on San Francisco 49ers star Brock Purdy.

Purdy, for his part, is unquestionably the best value at quarterback in the league right now. Despite being paid $870,000 this year, he is at the helm of perhaps the NFL’s top team.

And while people want to diminish his accomplishments by suggesting that he plays with a lot of talent – it is hard to ignore that Trey Lance couldn’t take advantage of seemingly the same exact situation.

Instead, Lance went and got himself embroiled in various female-related dramas. That culminated in him taking a backseat to Purdy.

Adams pointing out how good Purdy has been feels oddly needed.

It is also relatively unsurprising that Adams made this seemingly not-too-controversial opinion trend. Be it for her provocative New Orleans Saints pajamas, photos with Aaron Rodgers or wild vacation video, she is no stranger to going viral.

This most recent situation is just par for the course.

And it probably isn’t the last time she shines a light on an NFL take that needed some extra attention.

Will Adams keep spotlighting Purdy and the Niners as the 2023-24 season chugs along? Time will tell.

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