NBA Fans Surprised By How Skinny Shaquille O’Neal Now Looks (Photos)

NBA Fans Surprised By How Skinny Shaquille O’Neal Now Looks (Photos)

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball legend both on and off the court.

Following a very successful run as one of the greatest players to ever play the game, he embarked on an extremely lucrative career as an analyst on TNT.

Along the way, O’Neal has come to be known as something of a ‘jolly giant’ in the field.

Which probably explains why, this week, fans were so surprised to see how skinny he has gotten recently.

NBA fans are a very vocal bunch. Be it for how they reacted to Alicia Keys dancing courtside at a Lakers game or how they responded to Cam Reddish’s penchant for bad plays, they are never shy to offer their two cents.

O’Neal’s massive weight loss proved to be no exception.

It goes without saying that O’Neal often finds himself in the news cycle.

Between the revelations he has made about the drug he took while in the league, his honest confession about his life-threatening issue and his brutal advice to his own son, he is a permanent fixture in the headlines.

But this incredible weight loss is a really special reason to blow up online.

With the NBA regular season rapidly approaching, this probably isn’t the last time in the coming days O’Neal will find himself trending.

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